Influential English Romantic poet born 1770. Developed deep love of nature as a child while outdoors in Lake District. Went on formative walking tour of Europe in 1790. Believed poetry should use natural language, not formal poetic language. Published Lyrical Ballads with Samuel Coleridge in 1798, starting the Romantic Age in English literature.

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  • William Wordsworth was an influential English Romantic poet born in 1770 in England.
  • As a child, Wordsworth developed a deep love for nature through spending time outdoors in the Lake District.
  • In 1790, Wordsworth went on a formative walking tour of Europe, visiting places like France and Switzerland.
  • Wordsworth believed poetry should be written in the natural language of common people, not formal poetic language.
  • In 1798, Wordsworth and Samuel Coleridge published Lyrical Ballads, a landmark collection starting the Romantic Age in English poetry.

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