Apple co-founder in 1955 who was curious about gadgets as a child and started Apple in 1976 with Steve Wozniak, helping invent Mac, iPod, iPhone & iPad. Known for inspiration and innovation that changed technology though he passed away in 2011.

Steve Jobs Biography PDF in Tamil

Steve Jobs Biography PDF
Steve Jobs Biography PDF
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  • Steve Jobs was a famous inventor and businessman who co-founded Apple. He was born in 1955 in California.
  • As a child, Jobs was very curious about electronics and gadgets. He liked to take apart and rebuild devices.
  • In 1976, Jobs started Apple with his friend Steve Wozniak. They created new computers and devices.
  • Jobs helped invent many popular products like the Mac computer, iPod, iPhone and iPad.
  • He was known for his inspirational speeches and commitment to innovation. Jobs changed the world of technology.
  • Although he passed away in 2011 from cancer, Steve Jobs’ legacy at Apple lives on. He proved you can achieve great things with hard work.
  • Many movies, books and museums teach people about Jobs’ brilliant life. He proved you can follow your dreams.

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