The Spain visa application gathers personal details, passport information, trip plans, purpose of visit, accommodation booked, cities to be visited in Spain along with the applicant’s family, employment, and financial information.

Spain Visa Application Form PDF in English

Spain Visa Application Form PDF
PDF TitleSpain Visa Application Form
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About PDF

  • The form requires the applicant’s personal details like full name, date of birth, permanent address, contact numbers, email, etc.
  • Passport details need to be provided including passport number, issuance date, and expiry date. Passport copies are also needed.
  • Trip information is required including proposed travel dates, and details of accommodation booked in Spain.
  • The purpose and nature of the visit along with a detailed itinerary of cities to be visited in Spain needs to be furnished.
  • The applicant’s family information, current employment status, and financial details need to be submitted to establish ties outside Spain.

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