The SEBI Sahara refund online form allows original investors in the two Sahara companies to apply for refunds by providing their personal details, and the amount invested and uploading supporting documents, with verified eligible investors being repaid directly via bank transfer as per Supreme Court directives.

Sebi-Sahara Refund Online Application Form 2023 PDF in English

Sebi-Sahara Refund Online Application Form 2023 PDF
PDF TitleSebi-Sahara Refund Online Application Form 2023
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About PDF

  • This online application form allows original investors who had invested in the two Sahara companies, namely SHICL and OFCD, to apply for a refund.
  • Investors need to provide their details like name, address, PAN, the amount invested, etc. for verification purposes.
  • Scanned copies of original documents proving the investment such as bond certificates need to be uploaded as supporting evidence.
  • Payment of the refund amount to verified eligible investors will be made directly via transfer to their bank accounts.
  • This online facility has been launched by SEBI to facilitate repayments to investors, as per the Supreme Court order directing refund of money collected by Sahara companies.

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