Perry’s Handbook is a comprehensive chemical engineering reference providing extensive data, calculation methods, and detailed chapters on unit operations, physical/chemical properties, safety, economics, process development, and other areas invaluable for students, researchers, and professionals.

Perry Chemical Engineering Handbook PDF in English

Perry Chemical Engineering Handbook PDF
PDF TitlePerry Chemical Engineering Handbook
File Size48.3 MB
AuthorDon W. Green & Marylee Z. Southard

About PDF

  • The handbook provides extensive data, equations, and calculation methods covering major areas of chemical engineering like mass and energy balances, fluid flow, heat transfer, mass transfer, reaction engineering, separation processes, process control, etc.
  • It has detailed chapters on chemical engineering unit operations explaining the fundamental working principles, design methodologies, equipment used, and process parameters.
  • The handbook contains information on the physical and chemical properties of various compounds and materials like hydrocarbons, polymers, gases, alloys, etc. which are useful for design calculations.
  • It also includes references on chemical engineering safety, chemical process development, economics, manufacturing, production planning, waste management, etc. for comprehensive plant operations.
  • Regularly updated since 1934, the handbook assimilates decades of chemical engineering knowledge, making it an indispensable resource for students, researchers, and professionals.

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