Mary Kom, the magnificent Indian boxer, overcame challenges, became a world champion, and inspires us with her determination. True hero! 🥊🏆

Mary Kom Biography PDF in English

Mary Kom Biography PDF
Mary Kom Biography PDF
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  • Mary Kom is a talented boxer and is often called “Magnificent Mary.”
  • She was born on March 1, 1982, in a village called Kangathei in Manipur, a state in India.
  • From a young age, Mary had a dream to become a boxer and practiced very hard every day.
  • Despite facing many challenges, Mary never gave up and went on to win medals in many boxing competitions, even becoming a world champion several times!
  • People all around the world admire Mary for her hard work, determination, and the way she never let anything stop her from achieving her dreams. She is a true inspiration!

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