Enemies-to-lovers romance between a ruthless motorcycle club president and the defiant daughter of a rival gang leader he kidnaps.

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God of Ruin is an enemies-to-lovers romance novel by author Rina Kent. It tells the story of Zeus, the ruthless and dangerous president of a motorcycle club called the Hellraisers.

Zeus kidnaps a young woman named Magdalena, who is the daughter of a rival gang leader. Zeus wants to use Magdalena as leverage against her father. However, Magdalena is defiant and refuses to be intimidated by Zeus.

Over time, an unlikely bond develops between Magdalena and Zeus despite him holding her captive. The two start to understand each other’s painful pasts. Zeus begins to fall for Magdalena.

But Zeus knows he can never have a normal relationship with her given his violent lifestyle. Magdalena also starts having conflicting feelings for her captor.

God of Ruin explores the themes of forbidden love, revenge, and betrayal and tests the limits of loyalty and human connection. The book is fast-paced with intense characters and situations.

Overall, it’s an edgy and passionate enemies-to-lovers story between two troubled souls trapped on opposite sides.

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