Game Theory by Bonanno uses simple language to introduce concepts of strategic decision-making and mathematical modeling of cooperation and conflict. Covering topics like equilibrium, rational choice, and Nash equilibrium, it explains principles of strategic, extensive, and dynamic gaming through intuitive examples and exercises spanning economics, politics, biology, and computer science.

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Game Theory PDF
PDF TitleGame Theory
AuthorGiacomo Bonanno
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  • Game theory studies strategic decision-making between rational players.
  • It models cooperation and conflict using mathematical concepts.
  • The basic components are players, strategies, and payoffs in strategic games.
  • Concepts include equilibrium, rational choice, utility, and Nash equilibrium.
  • Game theory has applications in economics, political science, biology, and computer science.
  • The book introduces principles of game theory using straightforward language.
  • It covers strategic, extensive, and dynamic games with complete information.
  • Topics include coordination, bargaining, voting, repeated games, and evolution.
  • Mathematical tools are included but explained intuitively.
  • Examples and exercises demonstrate game theory concepts clearly.

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