When using explosives, prioritize safety by following procedures, using protective gear, gentle handling, properly secured storage away from heat sources, only authorized legal use after obtaining permits and training, and immediately reporting any missing inventory or suspicious activities.

Farmers Handbook of Explosives PDF in English

Farmers Handbook of Explosives PDF
PDF TitleFarmers Handbook of Explosives
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  • Always make safety the top priority when handling explosives to prevent dangerous accidents. Follow all recommended safety procedures and use protective gear. Never compromise on safety.
  • Store explosives in a properly ventilated, authorized facility away from any sources of heat, sparks or open flames that could accidentally set them off.
  • Only use explosives for legal, authorized purposes like mining or construction activities. Obtain all required licenses, permits, and professional training.
  • Handle explosives very gently and carefully to avoid drops, bumps, friction, or improper storage that could cause unexpected detonation. Be alert and focused when handling.
  • Immediately report any missing inventory or suspicious behavior related to explosives to law enforcement. Accounting for all explosive materials helps prevent misuse by unauthorized persons.

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