The fixed asset catalog provides a comprehensive list of land, buildings, equipment, vehicles, and other assets with details like costs, depreciation, specifications, and images. It serves as a reference document for tracking and managing tangible assets during audits, maintenance, disposals, or acquisitions.

Catalog Mijloace Fixe 2023 PDF in English

Catalog Mijloace Fixe 2023 PDF
PDF TitleCatalog Mijloace Fixe 2023 PDF
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About PDF

  • The catalog likely provides a comprehensive list of all fixed assets like land, buildings, equipment, vehicles, furniture, etc. along with details like acquisition dates and costs.
  • It groups assets into categories like land, buildings, machinery, vehicles, IT equipment, office equipment, etc. for easy reference.
  • The catalog contains information like depreciation rates, depreciation expenses, and net book values to aid in accounting and reporting.
  • It may include technical specifications, serial numbers, images, and other identifiable details of tangible fixed assets.
  • The catalog serves as a handy reference document for tracking fixed assets during audits, maintenance, disposals or acquisitions.

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