The Australian visa Form 600 gathers personal details, trip plans, health conditions, character declarations, and family sponsor details from applicants located overseas applying for a tourist visitor visa.

Australian Visa Application Form 600 PDF in English

Australian Visa Application Form 600 PDF
PDF TitleAustralian Visa Application Form 600
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About PDF

  • Form 600 is specifically used for applying for a visitor visa in the tourist stream by applicants located outside of Australia.
  • It requires providing personal details like full name, date of birth, passport number, and contact details.
  • Trip details need to be furnished including planned arrival/departure dates, cities and places the applicant intends to visit.
  • Questions regarding health conditions and character declarations need to be answered by the applicant.
  • The form asks if the applicant has any family members or relatives in Australia who will sponsor or support their visit.

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