Am I Too Broken is a poetry book providing raw, personal insights into living with mental illness and the struggles that come with it. The poems explore feelings of being too broken and misunderstood, aiming to provide hope and reassurance that those with mental health issues are not alone. It highlights the importance of removing the stigma around mental illness.

Am I Too Broken Book PDF in English

Am I Too Broken Book PDF
PDF TitleAm I Too Broken Book
File Size1 MB
AuthorAryana Altaha

About PDF

  • It is a book of poetry providing insight into mental illness and struggles.
  • The poems give an honest and personal perspective on navigating mental health issues.
  • It explores feelings of being misunderstood, too broken, and taboos around illness.
  • The book aims to provide hope and reassurance for those dealing with mental health challenges.
  • It compares physical and mental illness and asks why one is more stigmatized.
  • The poems highlight the importance of asking for help and that mental illness should not be taboo.
  • It shares the heart-breaking yet heart-mending journey of living with mental illness.
  • The book serves as a sign of hope for those who feel alone in their struggles.

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